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I help women with service-based businesses (coaches, consultants, designers, photographers - I'm looking at you) with their email marketing setup and strategy so that they can truly connect with their audience and make more sales.

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You’ve been running your business for maybe one to three years and you keep hearing people like me talking about the importance of email marketing. So you know it’s something you’d like to get into and make more of in your business. But you’re not sure how?

Maybe you set up a Mailchimp account ages ago but got so confused by the whole thing that it’s just sat there. Or you’ve been collecting email subscribers’ details for a while now but you don’t feel like your email marketing is firing on all cylinders. You know there’s more you could be doing and you’re itching to get started!

Ultimately, you want to do more with your email marketing and to have a clear plan of action so you can make the most of all your hard work so that you get results. And by that I mean create a real connection with your audience and make more sales.

Before I tell you about me, let's focus on you

You need a good dose of email marketing confidence so you can use your chosen software without feeling a little bit panicky or uncertain every time you log on. And you also need a strategy (that plan of action I was talking about) so that you know you’re using email marketing in the best way for your business and can increase your income.

Although email marketing is just two little words, it’s a pretty big topic and there’s a lot to think about if you’re going to get it set up with ease and working hard for your business.

That’s where I come in.

I absolutely love email marketing and the potential it has to help businesses like yours and mine. And I also know it’s the place where we should absolutely put our focus as business owners rather than relying on social media.  

It’s all too easy to put all of your eggs in an Instagram shaped basket, especially in the early days. I bet your Instagram account or Facebook page was one of the first things you set up, right? But if you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that I had to start my account from scratch in November after Instagram deleted my old account. They later popped me an email to let me know it was a mistake…

Thank goodness I’d been email marketing for nearly three years. Can you imagine if I’d had no email subscribers? My audience would have instantly dropped to a big fat zero.

So I know first hand the importance of email marketing and I’m passionate about getting coaches and service providers thinking the same way.

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