I'm Louise.  Think of me as a                     for your business. 

I help coaches and course creators to attract, nurture and sell to their audience with stress-free and streamlined tech - from subscriber to sale.

tech angel

You may be fairly new to running your business or maybe it's been 2 or 3 years since you got started.  Wherever you are on your business journey, you’ll probably be at one of three stages:

Attract - You want to get visible to your ideal client with a website that showcases your business and start to build a list of subscribers who love to hear from you.

Nurture - You’re up and running but want to fine tune your email marketing and build a strategy to nurture your audience so they’re ready to buy.  It’s also time to get the tech set up to help generate leads and create a slick client onboarding process.

Sell - When you’re ready to scale your business to create a course or membership, you need the right platform to make that idea a reality, as well making sure that the sales process is a breeze for your customers.

Before I tell you about me, let's focus on you

• Want to build your own website but just don’t know where to start or how to get to the job finished without getting overwhelmed and confused by the tech?
• Would like to set up an email marketing funnel but don’t know which software to choose or where to begin?
• Have an email list but aren’t seeing any results from your email marketing?
• Have a clunky process for capturing leads and onboarding your clients which doesn’t exactly wow your clients and is a time-drain for you?
• Have a course or membership you’re dying to launch but the tech is really holding you back?

There’s just one problem ~ the tech 

perhaps you:

It’s overwhelming working out what to choose, let alone setting aside the time to work out how to set it up and use it.
I see clients who are stopped in their tracks by the tech that they need to get set up in their business. It stops them from moving forward in their business, unable to get to where they want to be.

Get your website set up on Squarespace

Create a lead magnet funnel in Mailerlite or Flodesk

Build an email marketing strategy so that you can nurture your audience so they are ready to buy from you

Set up Dubsado to create a smooth booking and onboarding process for your clients (which you’ll also love because it will make your life so much easier)

Make your idea for a course or membership platform a reality by getting you set up and ready to launch on Membervault

Create an effective marketing and sales funnel, from subscriber to sale

With the right help to get the right tech set up, you’ll be off and flying!

Whether you want me to do it for you, or you want to learn how to do it for yourself, I can help you to:

 And that’s where I come in. 

There's no denying it.  I'm a complete geek when it comes to tech and software.  I always have been.  And if that tech also happens to make life easier for us as business owners, then we're on to a winner.

I'm like a dog with bone when it comes to working out tech and can quite easily lose far too much time trying to solve a problem.  But the satisfaction of getting it sorted is what has led me to offer tech services for coaches and course creators.  It might not be your bag but it's most definitely mine.

When I do actually step away from the computer you'll find me making copious cups of tea, working towards my 25 book reading target for the year (I'm currently ahead!) or trying to keep our spaniel under control...

So what's with all the tech Louise?

• We'll start with a discovery call to work out your priorities tech wise and exactly what you'd like help with

• And we'll go from there!  

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