12 ways to use the announcement bar on Squarespace

The announcement bar on Squarespace is so useful, with a whole host of ways that you can use it on your website. If you’re wondering what I mean, it’s a bar that can be added to your site above the header and contains whatever text and/or links that you choose to add. You can also customise the announcement bar and in this post I’ll show you how.

How to add the announcement bar to your Squarespace website

  1. From the main menu, choose Marketing and then click Announcement Bar.
  2. Choose Enable Announcement Bar from the drop down menu.
  3. Add the text that you want to appear in the announcement bar in the box that appears. You can add text links as well as making the text bold and/or italic.
  4. You can make the whole announcement bar a clickable link by clicking the Clickthrough URL box and adding an external link or one to your website content.
  5. Click save and the announcement bar will appear at the top of your website.


How to style the announcement bar (in Squarespace 7.0)

You need to move to the Design section of Squarespace when it comes to styling the announcement bar, so here goes:

  1. From the main menu, choose Design and then Site Styles.
  2. Scroll all the way down (probably right to the bottom) and you’ll see the Announcement Bar tweaks.
  3. You can make changes to the bar background colour, the text colour and the font.

    see the screenshot below:

Note that you need to be on a business or commerce Squarespace plan to make use of the announcement bar. Also, in a few templates the announcement bar appears below the main navigation.

So you know how to add the announcement bar to your website but what are you actually going to use it for? Here are 12 suggestions for ways to make good use of it! And don’t forget you can change what’s showing in the announcement bar as often as you like.

12 ways to use the announcement bar on your Squarespace site

1. Promote your email list opt-in and link it to your sign up page

This is how I’m using the announcement bar on my site at the moment, to promote one of the freebies that I offer. There is also a link to the page to sign up for that freebie.

2. Promote your products & services

Draw attention to what you actually do and/or sell. It’s best to pick one thing to use as a headline on the announcement bar and include a clear call to action with a link to the relevant page on your website.

3. Discounts/offers

If you have a discount or offer code you can show that prominently in the announcement bar

4. Promote your latest blog post

A great way to draw attention to the latest post on your blog with a link taking readers directly to the post. Then you can update this every time you post something new to your blog.

5. Details of office or store opening times

This could be especially useful during holiday time to keep your website visitors updated on when they can expect a response from you or an order dispatched.

6. Sell tickets to an event/workshop

If you run workshops or events you can add details to your announcement bar as soon as they become available and/or are in short supply, with a link to purchase tickets from the event page on your website.

7. Announce a sale

If you have an upcoming sale then you can add dates to the announcement bar to build interest in advance.

8. Link to your social media

Encourage website visitors to follow you on Instagram, find your Pinterest account or join your Facebook group, and add relevant links. Of course you can add social icons elsewhere on your website but by using the announcement bar in this way you can add extra detail and a call to action.

9. Availability for your service

If you’re service based then you can add wording to keep website visitors updated on your availability. For example, ‘Now booking for April 2020!’ with a call to action to book an enquiry call with you.

10. Announce an upcoming launch

Build interest in an upcoming product, service or course launch by announcing the launch date in the announcement bar, perhaps with a call to action to sign up to be the first to receive details.

11. Introduce a new product

Promote a product that you have just introduced and link to the product page.

12. Provide delivery information

Draw attention to your turnaround time for orders, delivery method and cost, with a link to full details on your delivery page. The announcement bar is a great place to shout about free delivery if that’s what you offer.

There are a lot of possibilities for the announcement bar so there really is something that any type of business could use it for. And because it’s so easy to change you can update it as often as you like.

How do you use the announcement bar on your website?

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