4 easy steps to start getting organised now

It’s easy to freeze at the thought of trying to get more organised in your business. Where do you even start? Especially if organisation isn’t your strong point (or hasn’t been so far at least!).

‘Getting organised’ isn’t the kind of thing you can do overnight but small steps and all that.

But there are some quick and easy steps you can take which will start to have a big impact. The list below will have your shoulders relaxing before you know it!

Ready to give them a try?

What do you use to create docs?

Apple Pages, Word, Google Docs, ClickUp, Notion? Pick one and stick to it so any time you want to create a doc you’ll go straight there.

This might sound super simple but that’s precisely the point. The complication comes when we don’t keep it simple and end up with documents we’ve created all over the place. And if you’re anything like me you can’t remember which software you used and end up wasting time just trying to find what you need!

You can also set up templates and style settings in your chosen software which will make it even quicker each time you create a new document.

Where do you store docs?

Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, on your computer, ClickUp, Notion? Again, pick one and stick to it religiously! If you have docs all over the place you’ll forget where they are and waste time looking. By sticking to one storage option you’ll have fewer apps and software on your computer and fewer tabs open.

A couple of easy options:

  • If you use Google Docs then they will automatically be kept in Google Drive.
  • If you use ClickUp or Notion, the docs will automatically live there (plus you can connect Google Drive to bring in any others).

What do you use to organise yourself?

Asana, Trello, ClickUp, a paper planner? Again, pick one and stick to it. Or pick a couple. Either way you need to be consistent and have a system so you know what lives where. I use ClickUp to organise my business and client projects (and share a project board with each client).

I also use a daily paper planner so I can make quick lists for each day based on the deadlines and reminders popping up in ClickUp. There’s nothing quite like crossing out a task on paper!

Your calendar

I’d always recommend setting up a Google calendar or iCal and use it for everything. Whether it’s a personal appointment or work related, it can all go into one calendar so you can always have a bird’s eye view of what’s on, as well as your availability for clients. Colour coding is the name of the game here!

Taking it a step further, if you’re a Dubsado user you’ll be able to sync your calendar so that any appointments scheduled in Dubsado will be exported to your calendar and vice versa. No chance of double booking or missing a call!

So let’s face it, none of this is rocket science. But as I said above, simplicity is the name of the game here. Both in terms of how simple the steps you can take to get organised actually are, and how easy it can be to get into a muddle by not keeping things simple.

If you need any help or advice with setting up your own tech and systems, find out how we can work together here!

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