7 ways Dubsado can help you wow your clients

I’m pretty sure that the vast majority of service business owners would agree that they want to do their very best for clients and give them the gold standard when it comes to the actual service they offer.

But what about all the other touch points with your clients? From the very first contact or enquiry, to onboarding them and carrying out the work, before finally offboarding them at the end. Does it matter how all of that goes? Surely the main priority is to get the client on board asap, get that contract signed, the deposit paid and then do a great job for them?

Well I’d say no.

You’ve got two choices – the get em in quick route I mentioned above. And the wow your clients route. As a client, which would you prefer?

I know I’d want something slick, professional, smooth and seamless. And if that’s what I’d expect from a service provider, I’m going to make sure that’s what I give to my clients too.

And that’s where Dubsado makes wowing your clients so easy. Here’s how:

Add a customised lead capture form to your website

Ask the questions you need to ask to encourage new leads to get in touch with their enquiry. Once that form is submitted that person is automatically set up with a new project and tagged as a lead in Dubsado.

Set up an auto responder email when a new lead enquiry comes in

With workflows in Dubsado, have an email sent out automatically when a new lead is captured setting out next steps. Not only is it super efficient and impressive for the prospective client, it doesn’t rely on you being around to click ‘send’.

Provide a scheduler link for clients and prospective clients to book a Zoom call with you

When it’s time to book a call with you, whether that’s a discovery call or a training session, forget the email toing and froing. Set up a scheduler template in Dubsado for the particular call type, and simply provide the link for your prospective client to book a call time that suits them. Dubsado will automatically create a Zoom link when the call is booked – no need to do that as an extra step either.

Automatically send reminder emails with the Zoom link in the lead up to a call

It’s easy to set up reminder emails in the lead up to a call – you can have as many as you fancy but I have them sent 24 hours and 1 hour before the appointment time. And because those emails can be customised, you can add in a reminder of the Zoom link. So it’s always accessible for the person who has booked the call.

Make accepting your proposal, signing your contract and paying your invoice easy and seamless

If you’re likely to be sending a proposal to your prospective clients, streamline the whole process from proposal to payment by turning on a couple of settings. At its most streamlined, when a proposal is accepted (containing a choice of packages), the contract will pop up on the next screen instantly ready for signature, followed by the invoice immediately after that.

Gather onboarding info with customised questionnaires

And when it’s all systems go, there’s no need to gather onboarding information with multiple emails back and forth. Create as many questionnaires as you like to gather all of the information that you need from your clients at the start of a project. They’ll even be able to upload files to the questionnaire so you can have everything in one place.

Give your clients a password protected client portal

And talking of having everything in one place, you can set up each client with their own, dedicated, password protected portal. They’ll be able to view all forms and documents that relate to their project with you.

If you’re tempted to give Dubsado a try, sign up for the fully featured three client free trial. It’s completely free to use Dubsado until you want to add a fourth client!

And because I’m a Dubsado Certified Specialist, if you use my referral link you’ll get 30% off your first month or year when you’re ready to upgrade.

If you need help with your Dubsado setup, you can check out my services here.

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