How to create a links page for your Link in Bio on Instagram

You’ve seen the phrase ‘link in bio’ on Instagram hundreds of times.  But you can only have one link in your Instagram bio so what if you want to direct your followers to a variety of pages on your website?  You could update your link in bio every time you talk about something new but that doesn’t get past the problem of only having one link available on Instagram. Plus you have to remember to update that link each time!

Cue Linktree – have you used it?  If you sign up you can put your Linktree link in your bio on Instagram and then when your followers click on it you’re taken to a page where you can list as many links as you like.  So your latest blog posts, new products and offerings can all be linked from your Linktree page. 

BUT there’s a better way of doing things! 

Leave Linktree out of the equation all together and make your own links page on your site.  There are a few reasons for doing this: 

  • Firstly, it’s really simple to make your own links page 
  • Second, with Linktree (if you use the free version at least) you’re limited to their colourways so there’s every chance that what you create won’t be a great match for your brand.  By having a links page on your website it’ll be completely on brand! 
  • Third, why would you want to take potential website visitors from Instagram via another website.  Why not cut out the middle step and take the leap straight from Instagram to your website? 

So, here’s how to make a links page on your Squarespace website:  

You can either follow the steps below or I’ve added a video at the end of this post!

1. Add a new unlinked page 

2. The design of the page can be whatever works for your website. The priority is to create the links clearly on the page and you can do that by using:  

  • Buttons 
  • Simple text 
  • Images, icons or graphics 

3. Whichever option you go for, just make sure that each one links to other content on your website. 

4. Update your link in bio on Instagram. Don’t forget this step! To check the URL of your new page, find the page in the not linked section and click the settings cog next to the page name. Look for the “URL slug” in the panel that opens up. The link you’ll need to put into Instagram is followed immediately by the URL slug. So for example, my links page is

5. When you have new content to post about on Instagram, update the links page from within your website before you post about it.  That way, if someone tries to click through as soon as you’ve posted, the link will be there ready rather than you having to dash around adding the link after you’ve posted about it on Instagram!  

So that’s it, you’re done and ready to add as many links as you like for your Instagram followers to click through. In case you were wondering why you should bother with this at all for your link in bio, it’s a question of not missing any chance to let your website visitors get straight to the right place on your website. If you just put your home page on your link in bio, for example, they may not be able to find the important thing they wanted to check out on your site and then could give up on the hunt, and their visit to your website, all together.

watch my video on how to add a link in bio page to your website

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