Thoughts: Do we need to love what we do?

‘Love what you do’ is a cliche we’ve all heard. But is it true? Does it really matter whether we love what we do in our businesses? 💛

Whilst I don’t think your business has to be the absolute favourite thing in your life, I do think you need to really enjoy doing it. If not, what’s the point? Our businesses are what we’ve chosen to do, so why would we choose to do something we don’t love or that doesn’t excite us?

And if you don’t enjoy it enough, you’ll soon know. You’ll feel half hearted about it rather than excited. If there’s a hint of boredom with what you’re doing, and that boredom sticks around more than a couple of weeks, is it time to think why you’re feeling bored?

This happened to me a few months ago. I had started feeling hemmed in by the narrow niche I’d chosen for my business.

I realised I needed to spread my wings again and really embrace my love of all things tech.

So I became a tech angel 😇.

The funny thing is, I’ve almost gone full circle in the last year. I found I had itchy feet about a year ago and then tried to pigeon hole what I was offering to clients in the wrong way (for me and them). Nothing felt quite right. Until now.

And yes, cliche and all, but I love what I do… helping my clients to embrace tech and to realise that it doesn’t have to be scary/stressful/overwhelming or however else you might describe it! 🚀

ps I should also embrace my love of hula hooping – I found out at half term that I’m quite good at it 😂

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