Time for a change in your business? When you know, you know

How do you know when it’s time to change things up in your business? Whether it’s a full on pivot or a slight shift, don’t fight those feelings when they start to appear.  You might be able to squash them for a couple more months but they’ll be back! So is it best to address any doubts or niggling feelings head on? Yes 100%! It could end up being the best decision you make for you and your business!

I’ve recently spent time rejigging my services, adding some new offerings and focussing hard on what my ideal client really needs help with. 

For about six months, I’d been offering only email marketing services, and a couple of months ago I had started to have itchy feet and felt a little bit hemmed in by my business. 

I didn’t realise it straight away but I found myself looking outside of my business to see what else I could do, what I could add in, what I could try out.  It felt like the grass was greener everywhere I looked!  And eventually there was the eureka moment when I realised I needed to go back to my tech roots. I’d been too restricted with what I was offering  and what I was really craving was simply more variety in my business. 

Suddenly the path ahead became much clearer. But going through the thinking and overthinking was such a necessary process for me. When I’d niched down to solely email marketing work, of course I had no idea that in a few months’ time I would start to feel frustrated by what I was doing. Email marketing is still a key  part of what I’m offering going forwardbut I’ve added more services to give a more holistic experience to my clients.

If you’re feeling anything like I did, I strongly recommend you let yourself go through the process and devote some headspace to it. If you don’t, it will take over that headspace anyway and can be a huge distraction from what you’re meant to be doing in your business. Whilst I was trying to get clear on exactly what I was going to be doing moving forward, I found that I wasn’t able to carry on marketing my business very effectively, because I knew that things would be changing soon.  At that point it really felt like the business was on pause so the sooner I found the clarity I needed, the better. Recognising that it was time for a change in the business was only the first step – there was a lot to do to put the changes into action.

And now? It’s only a couple of days since I completed my website updates and have updated things like my Instagram bio. But it’s a massive relief to have everything clear and consistent across all platforms. Most of all though it feels like I’ve unpaused my business and I’m free to be running it in exactly the way I want to. And that is so exciting!

This post was never meant to be a ‘here’s a rundown of my new services’ post but if you’d like to find out how I can help you attract, nurture and sell to your audience with stress-free tech, click here for all the info!

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