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Get set to reap the benefits of Dubsado with a setup & training package

You can't wait to get started with dubsado because:

It will streamline your client process

It'll save you a lot of time because you won't be reinventing the wheel for each new client

Your clients will love it because everything is so slick and easy for them

You won't need a separate (often paid for) tool to schedule client calls - it's all included

You'll get off the ground with new client projects in no time because everything you need is already there

Your clients can pay you quickly and seamlessly

You can track your time on client work

All of your client details are easily accessible in one place - you'll be more organised and efficient

And it's true, Dubsado is brilliant!

If you're reading this you're probably familiar with Dubsado and what it can do for your business.

It's a fantastic CRM software for businesses working 1:1 with clients.

If you're lacking in time or confidence when it comes to getting Dubsado setup, I can help!

So you know you really want to get the most out of Dubsado but finding your way around is proving tricky, let alone knowing all the steps to get it set up properly.

Dubsado Together

Dubsado Complete

Who it's for
You need help to get Dubsado set up but want to be involved with it and learn as you go

Who it's not for
If you haven't got time to spend 4 hours on live setup and training on Zoom, then Dubsado Complete would be the best option for you

Why it's great
You get the best of both worlds - plenty of bespoke guidance and training with the reassurance that your account will be fully set up by the time we've finished working together

Who it's for
You can't wait to start using Dubsado but the setup is overwhelming - you haven't got the time, confidence or the inclination to work out how to do it yourself

Who it's not for
If you'd rather learn by being involved in the setup process as you go, then Dubsado Together would be better for you

Why it's great
Your Dubsado account will be fully setup by an expert with three years' experience using the software and who knows it inside out

There are 2 options for help with your Dubsado setup:

There's Dubsado Together, a done with you setup & training package.

Alternatively, hand it all over to me with Dubsado Complete, for a full Dubsado setup package.

The details

• Full Dubsado setup - a done for you setup service with a 90 minute initial info session on Zoom, 90 minutes of training at the end (and 30 days of Voxer support afterwards).

• Setup of your account, contract, questionnaires, proposal, canned emails, invoicing, scheduler, lead capture form, workflows, packages, payment schedules, client portal setup. There are two or three things that you will need to do and I will give you clear instructions (this avoids you giving me login details for your online calendar, Zoom account and email account).  

• It's not completely done for you!  I will need you to provide me with all of the information that I'll need to add to your account.  But don't worry, I'll provide you with full details of what I need from you.

• Cost - from £2000 (the price will increase if you have a more complex setup with a lot of forms, packages, canned emails and workflows to be added to Dubsado)

• Done with you Dubsado setup and training using Zoom.  You'll get Voxer support throughout and 14 days of Voxer support at the end.

• 4 x 60 minute Zoom sessions during which I'll setup your account and walk you through each step.

• You will have some tasks to do/finish in between our sessions but between us everything will be set up and ready to use - your contract, questionnaires, proposals, invoicing, appointment scheduler, lead capture forms, packages, payment schedules, canned emails, workflows and client portal setup.

• Cost - £875

Dubsado Together

Dubsado Complete

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"I'd say it's the perfect programme for anyone who wants to understand how to use the platform and how to continue using it after it's set up. You'll have full involvement in everything being set up so it will be exactly how you need it, and you'll gain confidence using it too because Louise will hold you hand the whole way through, from first sign in to final step."

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Kind words from a Dubsado Together client