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email marketing -
The software setup

Full setup of your email marketing software so you can stop Googling & start building your list

But, you don’t have the tech knowledge to be able to get your email marketing software setup confidently - you’d be learning as you go and you just don’t have the time (or the inclination, let’s be honest) for that.

You just want to get it done so you can stop feeling frustrated (and a little bit guilty?) every time you see it on the to-do list. And you can get going with email marketing and start sending out those brilliant emails that keep popping into your head!

Finding your way around new tech isn't for everyone - I doubt that's why you chose to start your own business, am I right?  But email marketing really should be part of any business, so it's time to tackle the tech part so you can get going.

If ‘start email marketing’ been on your to-do list for too long, let me take the setup of your email marketing software off your hands so you’re ready to start enjoying email marketing, rather than dreading it.

But when you look around for options, all of the stuff out there is just… Not quite what you need. 

You’ve been meaning to get set up with email marketing for ages because you know how beneficial it could be for your business - 

you’ll be able to build a connection with your audience, nurture them to buy from you with value packed emails and ultimately get more clients.

Go cold at the thought of setting it up yourself

Have tried but are stuck

Have been meaning to get it set up for ages

Don’t want to faff about working it out and learning as you go 

Haven’t got time to spend on the setup 

Email Marketing - The Software Setup is ideal if you're a service-based business owner who can’t wait to get going with your email marketing but want to hand it over to an expert because you-

Don't have a clue where to start

You'll get your Mailerlite or Flodesk account fully set up in 1-2 days.  It won't drag on for weeks!

How does this sound?

• If this sounds like the answer for you, we'll have a chat on Zoom to answer any questions you have and to make sure it's the right package for and your business
• If it's a 'yes', we'll get the admin sorted and pick a date for me to work on your software setup
• I'll send you a pack with all the info I need from you in advance, and the prep you need to do before the day.  This part is pretty important to ensure that I have everything I need to do the work for you!
• I'll get your email marketing software set up over 1-2 days
• We'll have a 60 minute session on Zoom where I'll guide you through the software and how it's set up for your business
• And you'll be away!  But don't worry, you'll get 14 days of support from me via Voxer once the setup is complete

How The Software Setup works

If you have multiple forms and/or lead magnets the price will be higher.

You can either pay in full when you book or you can pay 50% to secure the start date and the balance just before I start work.


Ready for Email Marketing - The Software Setup?

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Next steps

Please fill out the quick form below and you'll automatically be taken to my booking calendar to pick a time for us to have an initial chat to see if this is the right package for you. 

Look forward to chatting to you soon!