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make a plan session

Consultation, planning & advice on the best processes, systems & tech choices for your business

It's all very well me offering to help you to set up processes, systems & tech in your business. 

But what if you don't know what help you really need, let alone which tech and software options would work best for you?  Where should you even start with all of this?

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Here's what's included:

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Because you don't know what you don't know

"I like your approach, going for the simplest option instead of making it complicated. I find some mentors or coaches (myself included lol) feel we need to offer the big fancy solution.  But you showed how the simple solution can be the best, most effective solution."

A 9o minute Make A Plan session will change that...

Here's how it works

"Louise was very supportive and friendly and gave me some great takeaway tips that I can apply right now to my business. I have a much clearer vision of how to set up the email sequence that has given me confidence. I would recommend her to anyone who needs some tech advice, I know where I need to come if I do in the future."