My packages are all aimed at coaches, consultants and creative business owners who really want to start focussing on email marketing, whether that's for the first time ever or improving what you've been doing for a while.

Choose from a 1:1 three month package, full email marketing software setup or an intensive 60 minute Zoom session.

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Working together for this long gives us plenty of time to set up your email marketing software so it's really firing on all cylinders, as well as ensuring that you understand how to use it confidently.

And there's the strategy of email marketing - so many aspects to cover!  List building, lead magnets, your welcome sequence, nurturing your audience, email format, email writing, sales sequences.  I'll ensure you have a plan of action which works for your business so you can really leverage the power of email marketing.

a 3 month 1:1 coaching programme in which we'll cover 'the works' when it comes to your email marketing

1:1 Coaching

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This package is ideal if you're short of time, short of tech know how, or both.  The sooner you get yourself set up, the sooner you'll be able to connect with your audience, serve and nurture them with email marketing.


Email Marketing Software Setup

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+ Access to our Private Facebook Community.

+ Access to the "Business Blueprint" course.

+ Weekly Group Coaching Lives in our Facebook Community.

+ Quarterly 1:1 call with me for 60 minutes.

+ Access to resources that will help your business grow without the stress and hustle.

+ A community of like-minded women who are there to support, encourage and brainstorm alongside you!

Monthly membership // $97 a month

Group Coaching

perfect for women who are...

here's what's included:

A 60 minute intensive is ideal to cover a whole range of email marketing tech, setup and strategy questions or niggles.  Whether you've got a list of things to run through or would like an hour of training on one specific thing, we can cover a surprising amount in 60 minutes!

an intensive 60 minute session on zoom

60 Minute Intensive

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