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Overcome your website overwhelm and make that beautiful Squarespace site you’ve been imagining, a reality.

even if you think you're 'not techy'.

It feels like ‘everyone’ recommends it - in Facebook groups, on Instagram, in blog posts.  And yes, Squarespace is a fantastic website platform but that doesn’t mean everyone finds it a breeze to sign up and whizz up a website on your own..

For a lot of people DIYing your website can be thoroughly overwhelming and you spend more time Googling than actually making progress.

It’s a big undertaking - where do you even start?  There are lots of moving parts to get ticking along & synced together.

> you save money on a website designer; 

> you learn as you go meaning that you can confidently find your way around the platform after your site is launched; 

> it’s so satisfying to look at your website and proudly think “I did that”.

So how can you have the benefits of designing your own website without the confusion, frustration, overwhelm, fear, it taking months and ultimately abandoning the whole idea and leaving it until next year?

You might be thinking ‘yes that’s fine but I tried Squarespace once, I got completely stuck and I couldn’t make it do what I need. I haven’t got time and I’m bound to get stuck….’

but designing your own website has a lot of benefits:

Having run face to face Squarespace workshops, I’ve learnt that what students need is not only step by step teaching & guidance but on top of that, you need a roadmap to guide you through the process towards the ultimate goal - launch!  

It means you’re no longer running your business on rented ground (you may remember my 'Instagram deleted my account by mistake' story!), you have complete control over how your business is presented to your audience, it allows you to run (and grow if you want to) your business in a more streamlined way - to attract email subscribers, show your expertise, book clients, make sales and ultimately take another big step towards the goals you have for your life and business.  

Getting your website done is not just a big tick off the to-do list.  

A way to jumpstart your website design journey

Your website is the heart of your online business


You’ve probably heard people talk about Squarespace and how ‘brilliant’ and ‘intuitive’ it is.  


design & launch your Squarespace site in 7 days

Website in a Week


Perfect if you're starting your business and need to build your first website, or if you're ready to upgrade your website and want to do it yourself

You'll learn how to...

What's included in Website in a Week

And the bonuses

Bonus 1: Squarespace image size guide
This handy pdf guide details the ideal sizes for the images you add to your Squarespace site and how to change yours if they’re too big

Bonus 2: Support & accountability in our private Facebook group
If you need support there's a private Website in a Week Facebook group, with check ins from me to see how you’re getting on and the opportunity to share your progress with your fellow Website in a Week students!

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"Ooh just done Day 1 of the course.  It's SO helpful.  I've learned so much already.  Loving how your videos, Trello board and lessons all link up.  It's so logical.  Can't wait to get my website sorted!"

Optimise your site for SEO
Upgrade to a paid plan
Get your free domain (optional)
Set up GSuite email (optional)

day 6

Add an online shop
Add a services page
Make & add a browser icon

day 5

Add & style your blog
How to connect a 3rd party domain

day 4

Design home page
How to add your Instagram feed
Add an email list signup form

day 3

Styling - colours, fonts, buttons, links
Design contact page
Design about page

day 2

Intro & tour of Squarespace
Add your pages
Header & footer layout
Connect social accounts

day 1

What's covered in Website in a Week

Final checks of all pages


day 7


My guarantee to you is that this course includes all the steps you need to be able to design and launch your website.  

I can’t guarantee that you’ll do it in a week because, well, life and everything. It can be done in a week from the point that you start but if you haven’t got any images or copy ready, it’s likely to take you longer. By the same token, I don’t want you to get overwhelmed thinking you have to get your website launched in a week. It’s not a race! The key is, you can get your website designed and launched in 7 days, if you want to.

Whether you do actually get your website designed and launched is down to you! You’re responsible for providing your own website content of course - your copy (text) and images. Website in a Week is a brilliant course but it’s not magic - that website copy still has to be written!



How much time will this take up?

Some days are more full on than others but if you plan to get your site launched in 7 days then you should be prepared to set aside a couple of hours each day to work on each module. That does not include time writing copy for your site, ie the text for your pages, your blog posts or product descriptions. Have as much as possible ready in advance if you can.

Can I really do it in 7 days?

Yes you really can! But the key to this course is to show you that it can be done in 7 days. If you don’t want to or haven’t got time to do it in 7 days then just give yourself longer. The pace you work at is up to you.

Do I need to set up my Squarespace account before I start the course?

I’d suggest that you don’t set up your Squarespace trial until you’re really ready to get started with your website design, just so that you don’t waste any of your 14 day free trial while you’re gathering your content together.

What preparation should I do before I start the course?

If you want to try to get your website designed and launched in 7 days, I recommend you plan out on paper or in a Google doc the text for each page. The website pages you'll be building are: home page, about, contact, blog and services or shop. So five in total. Then you'll just need to copy and paste the text on to the relevant page.  

What version of Squarespace will we be using?

You’ll be building your new website in Squarespace 7.1. It’s the newest version of Squarespace which came out at the end of 2019 and, as far as Squarespace is concerned, it’s the platform they will be focussing on for the foreseeable future. You may have heard of Squarespace 7.0 which is the version used for websites built for about the last 7 years before 7.1 was introduced.  

If I have an existing Squarespace site can I copy my content over?

If you have a site already on 7.0, there is no automatic way (as yet) to switch your content over to 7.1. You would have to do it manually although it is possible to export blog content and/or products, ready to import to 7.1. 

I already have a domain name - can I connect it to Squarespace?

Yes you can connect a domain you already own to Squarespace and we will go through this in module 4.

How much does Squarespace cost?

There are four pricing plans depending on your needs and I usually recommend the Business plan for most needs. You can see the pricing details here. 

I have a product based business - is this for me?

Yes absolutely! In module 5 we’ll be covering how to set up an online shop.  

I am a blogger - is this for me?

Yes definitely! Squarespace is great for blogging and we’ll be covering how to add and style a blog in module 4.

Will you provide individual technical support?

No unfortunately I won’t be able to address individual technical issues but Squarespace support is very good for any technical niggles.

Can I set up my Squarespace website on my phone or tablet?

There is a Squarespace app which is great for making quick changes to your site once it’s launched but you’ll need a computer to set up and design your site.

How long will I have access to the course?

You’ll have access to the course content for as long as you need/I keep this course running.  

Can I have a refund if I don’t like it?

I’m afraid not so please think carefully about it before you buy!


“When I spotted your course at the same time I was thinking about making a start, it really was a no brainer for me. It’s given me so much more confidence knowing I can work through the lessons at my own pace and ask questions at any time.”


the cost is

Ready to get that website designed & launched?  Finally?